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Munny Doll Project for Classroom Instruction

Students learn how design and fabricate their own character design using customizable vinyl toys.

The Munny Doll Project is a unit plan i created for teaching Art One on the high school level. Students were tasked with designing and fabricating a character or their own creation or an existing character, based on the theme of Heroes vs. Villains. This is a four week lesson plan which takes student through the process of creating a fnished product from concept to design to creation. Students used one of several Munny dolls, a customizable set of vinyl toys produced by Kid Robot, to fabricate their doll and packaging design. Students produced the dolls using various techniques, including drawing, painting sculpting, sewing and more. I created the Cynara doll above to use as an example for the students. This project was a huge success because the students were highly motivated throughout the process to achieve the final goal of a completed product.

Glassware images used with permission of By The Glass Inc.

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